Blake’s LGBT Community Member Highlight Featuring Brandie Rose Devore

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Brandie Rose DeVore is an LGBTQ activist and operates an organization called “Fighting For Our Rights.” Links to her organization and social media pages can be found at the end of this article.

Name: Brandie Rose DeVore

Nickname: Brandie Rose

Where do you live? Des Moines, Iowa

How do you identify? Transgender

What has been your biggest struggle? Learning how to live without the closeness of my family due to my decisions to come out.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Changing my life after all this time and starting my own business “Fighting For Our Rights” to help fight the battle’s we face every day being transgender and living an open life. Achievements only come by hard work and dedication to a good cause, I achieved the greatest gift of all, the support of the LGBTQ community, that IS my greatest achievement. Without the support of the LGBTQ community and my friends who believe in me, I would have given up a long time ago. I believe in making a difference in the lives of people, and being a positive role model for the LGBTQ community. I want to make a difference in the way people treat us, and be a helping hand in the positive changes that we will achieve with a determined mind and a strong heart.  Helping the LGBTQ community by giving all I can to help people survive in this world, is my key to happiness and feelings of achievements.

What would you say to someone considering coming out of the closet? You’ll have such a wonderful life ahead of you that you will never regret or look back.

What are your hobbies? I build computers and install software, I enjoy camping and the outdoors. I love spending time in the country and really enjoy being a legal assistant for the LGBTQ community. Volunteering my skills to help fight for our rights is the most up lifting hobby I  have. I also am a fitness trainer.

What color of the rainbow are you? Purple

What is your favorite TV show or movie? Rent

Who is your favorite superhero? Wonder woman

What do you do for work? I’m an activist so I spend my days helping the LGBTQ community. I work at a Hormel Foods plant when I’m not out with a torn ACL in my knee.

Do you own a business? Yes

What is your relationship status? Involved

What have you learned about yourself since you came out? That I am a great person and this is the best time to be alive. I have been through a life of pain and suffering trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be, and it was horrible. I came out of prison in 2012 after serving a very long time for my actions as a juvenile. Then just last year I was homeless and lived in a tent where I committed suicide and somehow was given a chance by God to make something happen in my life. So, learning about myself has changed me into a better person inside and out. Coming out as Transgender only strengthened me to better see the path that I walk on.

What have you learned about yourself since your transformation? That I can make it, and I can be happy, because coming out was the best thing that I ever did. It strengthened me and made it possible for me to help others.

What are your pet peeves? Lying, and people who don’t care about human life.

What is your favorite thing about you? I’m an a person who believes in helping others  archive a good happy life by turning their  life around.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? Myself

What advice would you give to your LGBT family? Keep Fighting For Our Rights because we deserve them, and to never give up because giving up never wins or changes anything.  It’s the person who goes the extra mile, and never gives up that I look up to, because they are where I want to be.

What is your biggest strength? Being a leader and my positive outlook on life. Also learning diversity,  and learning to love myself for the woman I truly am. Self love is very important in my life because without the ability to love myself, I could never learn to love anyone else.

What is your biggest weakness? I have a very soft heart, and I often I give in because I can’t stand to see anyone suffer or do with out.

Do you have pets? NO

What is your favorite book? Charles Finney Systematic Theology.

Do you have any phobias? I DON’T like snakes they are a symbol of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Who was your first crush? Lol His name was Courtney

What is your happiest memory? Coming out of that tent after my death, realizing it was a very Spiritual thing that happened to me. It gave me a new positive direction in life and took all my fear of self doubt away. confidence is my is my calling card now, I believe in what I’m doing for people.

If you had 24 hrs to live, what would you do?  I would spend it with all the people I’ve hurt throughout my life and tell them all I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

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