Blake’s LGBT Community Member Highlight Featuring Erica Wright

2017-06-28 (15)

Erica Wright owns and operates a non-for-profit organization called U First that feeds the homeless. It was such a honor to interview her. Overcoming homelessness herself she became a strong advocate for the many forgotten in our society. Please find her links at the end of this article.

Name: Erica Wright

Nickname: Blu

Where do you live? Atlanta Georgia 

How do you identify? Lesbian 

What has been your biggest struggle? Parenting and living with depression.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Staring my own business from nothing.

What would you say to someone considering coming out of the closet? Love you and better out of the closet than you were when you were in the closet. We all have the ability to share something with this world; why not share the best you.

What are your hobbies? Golf, internet surfing, traveling and meeting interesting people from different walks of life.

What color of the rainbow are you? Each color defines a purpose, faith, power and hope to free to be me. Colors of expression…

What is your favorite TV show or movie? American Gigolo, and the documentary on Steve Jobs and Who moved my Cheese

Who is your favorite superhero? Superman

What do you do for work? I serve our homeless from all walks of life.

Do you own a business? Yes. U First, Inc. A non-profit organization serving our homeless with the simple necessities of life.

What is your relationship status? Single

What have you learned about yourself since you came out? I’m still learning that I can love without hiding… I can share my stories of heartbreak and pain without being embarrassed. I can forgive and let go knowing I am whole in loving God that I will always keep my heart open to receive love.

What have you learned about yourself since your transformation? I don’t believe we learn one thing. Life is a journey that’s always being transformed. My daily prayer for strength to do the will of God know matter what comes my way.

What is your favorite thing about you? Me:) I live everyday as if it’s my last. No regrets for being me.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? My parents and my ex partners. They have all taught me something about myself. They have all taught me how to love even if people don’t love you back.

What advice would you give to your LGBT family? Never allow people to put you in a box. To be Gay should really mean to be Happy and each individual has to learn what their happiness is.

What is your biggest strength? Being consistent, and striving for excellence in everything I do.

What is your biggest weakness? Being to nice:)

Do you have pets? No. But if I did it would be a dog

What is your favorite book? Who moved My Cheese

Do you have any phobias? Being homeless again

Who was your first crush? A childhood friend

What is your happiest memory?  Traveling to the beach with my family, watching the waves and listening to Gods voice.

If you had 24 hrs to live, what would you do? I would spend each moment giving everything away… feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

Erica Wright

CEO/Founder of U First,Inc.

P.O.Box 1496

Mableton, GA 30126


Email address:

Facebook like page: U First

2017-06-28 (17)

2017-06-28 (16)

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