Blake’s LGBT Community Member Highlight Featuring Aaron Paul

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Aaron Paul is a very talented and compassionate music artist and song writer. His love for the LGBT community as well as for himself flows from his heart through each of his songs. His music will electrify you! I had so much fun with this interview! His new album is Electric Erotic. The song “Every Life Matters” is a must listen to.
Name: Aaron Paul
Nickname:.Just… Aaron!  does that count 😉 lol
Where do you live? NYC… Baby… The greatest city in the WORLD! 😉
How do you identify? A man, A son, A brother, A friend, a singer and then a man that is sexually attracted to other men! Sorry to get all deep on you.. but I gotta make it more interesting! lol
What has been your biggest struggle? Making my mark as good serious recording artist.
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Having a number #1 record with I DON’T CARE!  This song I wrote also became a world anthem for the LGBTQ community.  The joy and feedback  I see and  from people from all over who hear this song.. always touches my heart. and I knew it was something special while writing it! JOB DONE!  YAY. I also very proud of my solo albums… the 1st one ‘RAW’ and the current one  ‘ELECTRIC EROTIC’ which features my new anthem for the world ‘EVERY LIFE MATTERS’. Oh shit.. I almost… I am also proud of being in Us Weekly Magazine as a fashion cop/contributor every week with its 2 million readers. That’s a BIG ONE!  YES!
What would you say to someone considering coming out of the closet? Make sure that you are 100% right with your choice cause only you will carry and live your truth. Be prepared for all that comes with your identity…the  good & bad! Make sure this is your decision.. and nobody else!  And really look deep within…before you make this decision.
What are your hobbies? Shopping for clothes… I search everywhere for all kinds of things to wear. I just LOVE thrift stores, oddity stores, Men’s & Woman’s clothes stores.. and even dollar stores. I find all kinds of stuff …. ALWAYS! Once I put it all together… I feel like a million bucks…and everyone says..You look FABULOUS!  Hey….There is NO SHAME in MY GAME! 😉 lol 

I also love cooking. I can prob cooking anything and its so natural and easy for me! I’m not a baker as such tho. But I love bringing people together and showing off my skills and sharing good food, with good people!
What color of the rainbow are you? I am every color of it.. and so many more colors! I carry a tint of every color possible! SHIT.. I guess I just have to be different rainbows!
What is your favorite TV show or movie? YES.. I’m the 1st to admit … I was hooked on Downtown Abby. I just love the costumes, the characters and each one’s story! The separation of class…still showed the human existence and journey. So skillfully and cleverly done!  I just finished watching the VICTORIA series too… I loved that also. My favorite movies are … Lady Sings The Blues… with Diana Ross and The Wiz.. and who can’t help LOVE the original Wizard of Oz. I would love to be in a film of fantasy, splendor and magic. But I would want to play The Villain….much more interesting! lol
Who is your favorite superhero? Ok….I loved Spiderman and Wonder Woman as a kid. But my favorite superhero is Harlequin.  I think she has the best costume!
What do you do for work? I’m a Pop Dance Recording Artist
Do you own a business? Yes… My own record label and Production company which all my work goes out through! YAY
What is your relationship status? Single by choice and by chance. I’m still waiting to LOCK eyes with that #1 person.
What have you learned about yourself since you came out? That I can be strong, fearless, happy and successful and while living in my truth.
What have you learned about yourself since your transformation? That the sky is the limit.
What are your pet peeves? Those little price sticker labels on groceries and products. They so annoy me and I always have to pick them off lol. I also not a fan of slow people! I know its bad… but I’m so impatient! SORRY!
What is your favorite thing about you? I’m a compassionate!  I feel people and I live for life!
Who has been the most influential person in your life? My Mother…. Who is truly a gift from Heaven and is a special remarkable person!
What advice would you give to your LGBT family? Support each other! We all come from a place of struggle and own unique journey of acceptance! Love and embrace each other.. only then we can become stronger.  I say this in my song ‘HATERS’ which is on my current album ELECTRIC EROTIC.
What is your biggest strength? My confidence!
What is your biggest weakness? I’m too nice.
Do you have pets? Nope… but I grew up with every animal possible to have in the house growing up with my two brothers, who just love animals. I love them too. Once I have my dream home.. I plan to have Dogs, Cats, Bird, Goats, Chickens, and a Pig.
What is your favorite book? Any kind of autobiography from a legend, star  or someone who have made a positive impact on humanity!
Do you have any phobias? Rats & Pigeons…. I scream when they come to near me. So I guess that’s a phobia
Who was your first crush? Blondie
What is your happiest memory? Being around all my family and listening to all the different music being played in my home growing up. My house was always full of music! And also performing on a TV show in the UK .. called TOP OF THE POPS! I said from the time I was 2 years old…I would one day perform on that classic legendary British TV music show, So when I finally I did it… I was beaming with joy!
Website – www.AaronPaul.Dance
Twitter – @APaulMusic
Instagram – @AaronPaulMusic

Aaron Paul – EVERY LIFE MATTERS – Officail Music video v=z48rmKRKcC0

aaron paul
Aaron Paul - Photo by Teresa Pyskaty(1)

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